The Dream House by Rachel Hore

The Dream House by Rachel Hore
The Dream House by Rachel Hore
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Recommended by Fiona Dobie

It’s one of those things they always say, that everyone has their own dream house and in this book Kate finds hers.

Along with her family she leaves London behind and heads to Suffolk in search of the perfect house that she’s always dreamed of - literally.

Moving to the country is a chance for Kate and her husband Simon to create the idyllic life for their children, however as you’d expect, not everything runs smoothly and to plan.

But given the title of the book, it’s probably no surprise that Kate comes across that exact house she’s been dreaming of.

She becomes friends with the property’s elderly owner and the book switches to recalling the past and living in the present.

Through her writing Rachel Hore compares the predicaments faced by two women living many years apart.

History, romance and mystery all feature in this story and if you’re looking for something to enjoy while lying on the beach this summer this is an easy read.