The Echo of times gone by...

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

By Paul McCabe

It came to my attention that the mighty Echo And The Bunnymen are playing The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh in May. Yes! Time to round up the chaps and - especially with it being a Friday - make a night of. But rounding up the chaps isn’t quite as easy as it used to be. As most of were once flat mates it would have simply been as arduous as shouting through to the next room. Now it involved a text as hardly any of us live in the same towns as each other, and only manage to get together once in a blue moon. I got two replies saying they would need to sort out babysitters/see if it was OK with the other half and another being a tentative yes depending on a change of shift. I myself have the tricky scenario of choosing between taking the car or leaving it, thereby taking a chance on missing the end of the gig to get that absurdly early last train back to Kirkcaldy. A night out with the lads certainly ain’t what ity used to be. Still, I did get one immediate definite who reminded me that it was 32 years ago that he first saw them. Did I say lads’ night out? Probably more of an OAP’s outing.

So long: There’s been a mixed reaction to the demolition of the old Nairn warehouse on Factory Road. This won’t please some of you but I am firmly in the “good riddance” camp. We don’t need a crumbling a frankly dangerous ugly edifice as a reminder of Kirkcaldy’s industrial past. Knocking down a building doesn’t erase that. It was long past its best and needed to go. Not that it’s the only eyesore on that road of course.

Game on: I managed to finally get round to buying tickets for the Commonwealth Games this week. I saw that they were releasing tickets for the netball finals, which I thought would please the little ‘uns as they both play. Well, they better had. They cost £205! Gulp!

This week... went to the Hearts v Celtic match...saw Mrs Doubtfire for the first time...Got the new Fife Council recycling booklet through the door and got quite excited...