The Following Season One

The Following
The Following

Recommended by Dawn Renton

One minute into the first episode, and five people have died. And that’s mild compared to what then unfolds throughought the first series.

Ex-FBI agent Ryan Hardy , played with enjoyable weariness by Kevin Bacon, is back on board desperately trying to capture the escaped serial killer, Joe Carroll, and return him to prison.

But it quickly becomes clear that Carroll is not your ordinary killer. Not by a long chalk.

While incarcerated, he uses his Charlie Manson-esque brain washing skills to assemble a cult, whose purpose is to create bloody mayhem on the outside by slicing up as many innocent people as possible.

The full extent of Carroll’s psychopathic network isn’t revealed, so it’s hard to know who is and who isn’t a member.

And that is the beauty and brilliance of this series as you never quite know what is actually going on or what is going to happen next. A well-written and acted series that is well worth a watch.