The Generation gap?

The Generation exhibition
The Generation exhibition

By Maggie Millar

The last week has been decidedly retrospective in feel for me. On Sunday I had a rare day off from the kids and went trekking around the Generation exhibition in Edinburgh before it closed its four-month run.

The show features work from the “best” Scottish artists over the past 25 years.

By best, read conceptual - and judging by the amount of people joining me in the National Gallery that day, not particularly popular.

However, in a bizarre twist, later that afternoon I was reunited with my portrait painted by an old high school art teacher, Mr Cairns. I hadn’t laid eyes on it for 25 years.

I’ve since come to the conclusion that, although Mr Cairns was a very good painter, hairstyles in the 80s are more difficult to get your head around than a Form and Function art installation by Steven Campbell.

Raise a toast: To the humble toastie machine. My last experience of home-made toasties was in shared student digs.

I’d rattle home after a night at the student union and feeling peckish, open the lid to find ten weeks’ worth of rock hard melted cheese superglued to the plates.

But we soldiered on in the knowledge that penicillin was probably in there as well.

Fast forward 20-odd years and I’ve rediscovered my toastie love. The machine’s not a Breville, it does paninis as well and, get this, the plates are washable.

The only problem is, what was originally an idea for a quick lunch has become an obsession.

Cheese and ham, peanut butter and banana - you name it. I’ll fill it. The kids have been force fed so many ‘fun’ toasties recently they groan whenever they see the dreaded machine appear.

Fife Ice Arena: If you’ve never taken the kids ice skating before, you might want to give it a try now.

Kirkcaldy ice rink has giant penguins which skaters can lean on as they go for a spin around the rink. They’re great and you can also let the children use them if you like.

This week... last episode of Downton Abbey (what rubbish marks Sunday night TV after that?)