The Heat

The Heat
The Heat

Recommended by Tanya Scoon

This is THE funniest movie I have seen so far this year and is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Yes the good cop, bad cop plot is a total cliche and it’s been done to death. But guaranteed it hasn’t been done in this way.

Sandra Bullock is back to her comedic best as by-the-book FBI agent Sarah Ashburn, brought in to work with frontline foul-mouthed Boston cop Sharon Mullins (McCarthy) to bring down a local drugs lord.

It’s hate at first sight as the two women couldn’t be more opposite, but they soon come to realise they will have to work together to overcome the misogynistic views of their peers.

The plot of the film is almost insignificant as the relationship between the two unfolds with some totally unforgettable scenes – one of the highlights being when they dangle a suspect over a balcony to extract information and realise they haven’t the strength to haul him back up!

Sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride!