The laughter of the lambs ...

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

My weekends are usually pretty busy so a bit of rain on Saturday provided the perfect excuse for a relaxing afternoon trip to the cinema to see Shaun the Sheep.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the little woolly guy - my husband included - it may sound like a pretty lame way to spend an hour and half but I’ll admit we laughed more than the children and even M came blinking out into the daylight exclaiming just how hilarious and clever it was.

We were more suprised though when our eight year old matter-of-factly announced that Shaun is indeed anthropomorphic...Em, he’s what? Every day’s a school day it would seem.

New arrival: Now that my two are of an age when they can dress, make their own breakfast and even tidy up should they feel inclined, it’s almost hard to remember how hard it was when they were babies but seeing my brother with his first and very new baby has brought it all back.

Not that I’m feeling broody mind, but it’s so lovely to have a tiny little bundle to cuddle - and even better to hand him back when he starts to cry or needs his nappy changed.

The never-ending nights spent pacing the house - and quite often also the surrounding streets - trying to get a small person to sleep only for them to wake the minute you stop moving, may be a distant memory but it’s not so hazy that I can’t sympathise with the new, totally shattered parents who think a ‘good night’ is getting a whole hour of sleep in one go.

Good pain: After hurting my back lugging bags across London, I’m now a firm believer that massages should be provided by the NHS.

A little bit of ‘good pain’ at the hands of Michelle was the best medicine.