The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist
The Miniaturist

Recommended by Allan Crow

An intriguing and at times fascinating debut novel from Jessie Burton which could easily be the first in several books should she wish.

In fact, I hope she fleshes this out into a series.

Set in Amsterdam in 1686 it tells the story of a young woman who arrives to be the wife of a wealthy merchant.

He gifts her a miniature version of their home ... a gift that seems to mimic the secrets the people hold in real life.

And when the merchant is shamed, the young girl finds herself caught up in an extraordinary fight.

Thge Miniaturist certainly captures the scent of the times, and is a fascinating story - but I’d like to have heard more about the mysterious designer whose gifts arrive unexpectedly. There’s a story in there on its own ...

That said, there could easily be several books chronicling the life of Nella Ooortman - she is someone we want to know more about.

It’d also make a smashing movie.