The month to remember our sacrifices

Rev Isabel Dowlen, pictured centre
Rev Isabel Dowlen, pictured centre

Love Wins

I look upon that body, writhing, pierced and torn with nails, and see the battlefields of time, the gaping wounds, the sweating, dazed survivors, the widows worn and still dry eyed, because their weight of sorrow will not lift and let them weep.

I see all history pass by, and through it all still shines that face, the Christ Face, like a star which pierces drifting clouds and tells the Truth..

So through the clouds of Calvary there shines his face, and I believe that Evil dies.

And Good lives on, loves on and conquers all.

All war must end in Peace. These clouds are lies. They cannot last. The blue sky is the Truth. For God is Love.

Such is my Faith, and such my reason for it, and I find them strong enough.

And you? You want to argue?

Well I can’t. It’s a choice. I chose the Christ.

(G. A. Studdert Kennedy

1893 – 1929)