The Savoy Kitchen by Sarah Savoy

The Savoy Kitchen cajun cook book
The Savoy Kitchen cajun cook book
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Recommended by Sheona Small

Sarah Savoy is a mighty fine Cajun singer from Lousiana but music wasn’t the only thing she picked up growing up with her acclaimed musician parents.

As she says herself, she has spent most of her life in the kitchen.

It was where she learned to play the guitar and sing but just as signficant was discovering family recipes and history and the importance of food for bringing people together.

Part memoir, part cookery book, The Savoy Kitchen shares Sarah’s Cajun home-cooking secrets from three generations of Savoys.

From cornbread to gumbos, poboys to jambalaya, it shows that Cajun food, like Cajun music is soulful, comes from the heart and with just enough spice to bring a spark to any occasion.

Now based in Paris combining work as a chef with performing with her band, Sarah’s obvious love of cooking and her pride in her culinary and cultural heritage is the secret ingredient in every recipe.