The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

The Snowman
The Snowman

Recommended by Fiona Dobie

Having read a few of the Norwegian author’s novels featuring Harry Hole - and enjoying them - reading ‘The Snowman’ was an obvious choice.

Following the first snowfall of winter in Oslo, the inspector finds himself hunting a serial killer on his patch.

It begins after a young boy wakes one morning to discover his mother is missing and her scarf is adorning the neck of a snowman outside.

Hole is convinced there’s a link to a menacing letter he’d received months before and, as the team investigate unsolved case files, they learn that a number of wives and mothers have gone missing over the years.

When a second woman disappears, the police officer finds himself as a pawn in a deadly game.

Like all those Nesbo novels I’ve read, ‘The Snowman’ is a definite page turner.

Once you start you’ll want to keep going until you’ve finished.

It’s a great thriller that will keep you gripped and on the edge of your seat until the end.