The wedding planner

Fiona Purnell
Fiona Purnell

By Fiona Purnell

Who knew there was so much to plan for a wedding? If you’d asked me seven months ago to give you a list of all the different things that need to be organised for the day I would have failed miserably and the list would have been very incomplete.

But now with less than 48 hours until my own big day - that’s assuming you’re reading this sometime between Thursday and Saturday - I’ve come to realise just how much there is to plan.

Some things had never crossed my mind before - chair covers for one and details like picking the songs to play while signing the register. I guess I’d just assumed that the musicians played whatever took their fancy.

No matter what it was we chose to do, there was always a list of supplementary questions that needed answered.

For someone who is not a fan of numbers and much prefers words, spreadsheets have become my new best friend.

Without them I would have been completely lost.

And now that the planning has been completed and the seating plan has been arranged - following a rather lengthy discussion - I’m looking forward to enjoying the day (and the honeymoon that follows).

Slippery days: Well, the weather has turned a little cold on a few occasions this week and has resulted in me almost going my length en route to work on more than one occasion.

There’s one particular piece of tarmac that always seems to want me to fall. I’m sure it’s out to get me. And that’s in the War Memorial Gardens.

Given the ‘improvements’ to the road at the Adam Smith junction to assist the pedestrians using the stretch between the bus station and train station, maybe more attention is needed to have the paths sufficiently gritted for ‘rush hour’.

This week... Looking forward to catching up with friends and family... trying to pack for sunnier climes...