The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street
The Wolf of Wall Street
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Recommended by Maggie Millar

The book was a rip-roaring riotious autobiography of a stockbroker’s rise to the top of Wall Street during the 80s ‘greed is good’ era.

But in the hands of director Martin Scorsese, Jordan Belfort - a.k.a the Wolf of Wall Street - is no lean, mean Gordon Gecko.

Played by Leonardo Di Caprio - who, incredibly, passes off a couple of scenes playing the lead as a young man - Belfort is someone who simply had the gift of the gab and grabbed an opportunity to fleece thousands of ordinary punters of their hard-earned cash through his dodgy company Stratton Oakmont.

In the process he raked in millions and, with a new trophy wife on his arm, spent those millions on clothes, Ferraris, a private yacht and drugs... lots of drugs.

Some of the scenes are cringingly hilarious (especially when the yacht sinks) and Di Caprio manages well to convey the goofyness of a character who was essentially a rollercoaster party boy on a one-way collision with the FBI and the hospital morgue.