The working mum juggling act

Lindsey Alexander
Lindsey Alexander

By Lindsey Alexander

Preparations for the ‘back to school’ shenanignans started in earnest last week but despite my attempts at organisation, still took up much of my Sunday as well! We’d had a fantastic week away and despite being back at work last week I was just getting used to M running the house and looking after the children for a change (well sort of...) when my freedom from packed-lunch making and impossible homework tasks (and that’s just P1!) came to an end far too soon. Everyone thinks the children and teachers get far too many holidays and I’d be tempted to agree, but I love escaping from the boot camp that my home becomes during term time and the ridiculous juggling act that involves combining work and childcare with the relentless running around to swimming lessons, cubs, dancing etc - the list is exhausting enough. I’d say bring on the next holiday pronto, but that one will be Christmas so maybe not...!

Birthday celebrations: While still on an ‘organising’ theme,I’ve been enjoying helping to plan a very dear friend’s 40th birthday celebrations. We were at university together and even today six of us remain very good friends so when the next one to turn 40 does so next month it will be in style. The restaurant has been booked, the cake is ordered and her husband is paying for the champagne so we’re all set...and the best part is there are three more to go over the next year and-a-bit until it’s my turn!

Winter wardrobe: We may have been suddenly plunged into darkness but the weather has been unseasonally mild leading to bit of a wardrobe dilemma. A girl wearing a vest top and tiny skirt in Kirkcaldy High St the other day made me feel that I may be overdoing the ‘winter look’ a bit too early ...

This week: Biggest achievement of the school holidays was my children, aged just 8 and 5, climbing their first Munro - without complaining at all!