This Is The End

This Is The End
This Is The End

Recommended by Gordon Holmes

I’ve seen my fair share of daft films but there’s no doubt this was right up there with the best of them. An idea which must have been hatched during an evening of ‘recreational’ activities, it’s clear Seth Rogen and chums decided to make a movie and see how far they could push it.

Basically the ‘plot’ sees a group of friends, including Rogen and Jay Baruchel, who are attending a party at James Franco’s house, suddenly faced with the apocalypse.

As the end of the world looms, they, and a few other pals, take shelter in the house and band together to try to survive.

But eventually, realisation dawns that they are all too dumb and superficial to do it and find there is only one way out of the situation.

There are a host of celebrities playing themselves, many of who fall victim (I did laugh when Rhianna fell into hell...) and it looks like they all had a lot of fun just acting as stupid as they could.

It’s completely ridiculous but also funny if you quickly accept the premise.