Thought for the week: Pastor Stuart Wood

The last few days in our house have been a bit difficult, not I may hasten to add due to any marital strife or family dispute.

No, the root cause of our difficulty has been our central heater boiler and the fact that on the coldest weekend of year, and with snow forecast, it decided to stop working.

The timing couldn’t have been worse.

The weather outside, and inside, was freezing but happening on a Friday meant we had to endure the whole weekend with no heating until a replacement part could be delivered on Monday morning.

For three days we huddled in the only room with a fire and only ventured out of it when absolutely necessary.

Sometimes life can feel a bit like that – we can feel like we are trapped with various pressures pushing in on us.

But there is good news!

Jesus offers us a better alternative.

Speaking in the Bible Jesus refers to himself as the ‘Good Shepherd’ who gives his life to protect those in his care so that they can have ‘life to the full’ (John 10:10).

God doesn’t want us merely to exist but to live free and enjoy life as He intended.