Thought for the Week: Pastor Stuart Wood, Connect Church

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Pastor Stuart Wood

Connect Church

Last weekend we celebrated Easter.

We gave thanks for the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But what happens when the celebrations are over and it’s back to the reality of life?

I am reminded of the story of two of Jesus’ disciples who travelled away from Jerusalem following the crucifixion.

They were confused and disillusioned by what had happened.

As they walked along the road they were joined by a man who joins in their conversation and begins to explain what has actually happened.

When they reach their destination all of a sudden they recognise that the person who has walked with them is Jesus.

Suddenly the loneliness and despair they have felt disappears.

You may not recognise him at times but Jesus wants to walk life’s journey with you – if you will let him!

If you do the loneliness and despair can disappear.