Thought for the Week: Rev. Alan Sharp

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I don’t believe that the soul survives death, or that we flit up to heaven.

I don’t believe that “death is nothing at all” and that “they are just in the next room” - the writer of those words didn’t believe them either - it was written as a parody.

The idea of an eternal soul started with Plato (an ancient geek) and has developed into stuff like ghosts, spiritualism and horror movies. No, when you are dead you are dead. But if I stop there as many do - it would be too depressing for words.

Somehow most of us know that there is more to it, that human life matters, that there is a purpose to our existence.

I also believe that God raised up Jesus from the dead, and that God will give us life again in a new body.

I believe that at the end of time God will raise us up and give us a New Earth, a New Jerusalem, we will live in a city not a cloud. It’s all there in 1 Corinthians 15, and Revelation 21,22.

We will see God face to face, we will live in his light, there will be no more death, no more crying or pain. A shadowy half belief in bogles doesn’t make sense.

A belief that death is the final reality makes no sense of life.

A determined rejection of God and his ways of love has its own terrible (but self chosen) reward.

But in the risen Jesus we find someone stronger than death, someone who came back.

Knowing that through Jesus we will live again makes sense of everything and opens up eternity.