Thought for the Week: Rev. Catriona Morrison

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As a minister I go into schools a lot and find that there’s no better resource I need than the Bible. Whether it’s stories, poetry or songs, history, letters or philosophy, there’s just a huge amount in it, some of it downright challenging!

And that makes for great debate and discussion, whether it’s with young people in school or the Bible, Cake and Conversation group we have in Linktown church.

The Bible is a book for wrestling with and you never seem to get to the end of it, both the well-known stories which keep offering more and also the fairly obscure parts which contain hidden gems.

We read the Bible in church and many people do at home too.

For the next two weeks there’s an opportunity down at the prom to explore far more about the Bible in the Bibleworld exhibition.

It’s primarily there for the schools, but there are times when it will be open to the public too.

See elsewhere in this paper for details of that.

And if you haven’t picked up a Bible for a while, why not have a look.

There’s far more to it than you might think.