Thought for the Week: Rev. Ian Elston

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‘You’re fired.’ says Lord Sugar and another candidate on ‘The Apprentice’ leaves wondering why their fantastic, wonderful, awe inspiring gifts and skills are not being recognised and leaving us viewers wondering what exactly their fantastic, wonderful, inspiring gifts and skills actually are.

One failure, one mistake, and whatever has gone before is forgotten and you are fired. In many ways the life of Jesus was a failure.

His family thought he was insane; He was attacked and rejected by crowds; He was killed on a cross; His followers were few; Even after he had risen from the dead some of his followers still doubted him; After Jesus had departed from this earth his followers numbered just over 100.

It reads like a failed life.

Yet the message of Jesus, the life of Jesus is one of hope and strength and trust and faith. That 100 or so folk soon grew. And grew. Until today more people follow the Christian faith than any other faith in the world.

Sunday was Pentecost - the birthday of the church.

Why don’t you visit your local church and discover for yourself that we are not perfect folk but welcoming to all. No one gets fired. No one is sacked. All are in the same boat together: trying as Jesus taught us to love God, love each other and love ourselves.