Thought for the Week: Rev. Ian Elston

I still remember receiving that first letter through the post from a certain company informing me that my address and name had been specially selected and if I was to reply to the certain company within a few days then I would be entered in the prize draw and almost certainly win a million pounds.

So I sent said reply back.

A few days later the same certain company informed me that I had certainly replied in time - but if I wanted to be even more certain of winning something, I could enter more than once by ticking some boxes which would certainly raise the certainty of me winning. I did so.

It took a few more weeks and a few more letters to realise that though someone was certain to win the prize draw, that someone would certainly not be me.

There are few things certain in life - sometimes it can feel that nothing is certain, particularly when life throws us around and all we hold dear is suddenly made fragile.

Faith is one thing not certain (it would not be faith otherwise) in other words no one can cannot prove God to you, but what I do know, for certain, is that God is real, very real.

That many people’s lives are and continue to be inspired by their faith in Christ, many peoples lives have been changed because of their faith in Christ and many have found comfort, hope, joy and support through their faith in Christ.

Ask yourselves what is certain, really certain about your life and then ask if your life could be helped, improved, inspired by faith in God. Mine has. Yours would be too. Of that I am certain.