Thought for the Week: Rev. Ian Elston

The trouble with January is that it is so long a month. So very, very long.

I really think that someone somewhere should reduce January to, say, 15 days and add the extra days to May or July (or the run up to December 25). Towards the end of last year I heard many people remark how quickly 2012 had passed - young and old saying ‘where has the year gone?’

Yet two weeks into a New Year and time is dragging slower than the queue of returns and refunds at Marks and Spencer.

The days are dark, there is little to look forward to and we are all broke. So that is the bad news.

The Good news? - The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not called the ‘Good News’ for nothing.

Jesus does not promise a trouble free life, where everything in the garden is always rosy but what the Gospel does say is that there is more to life than ‘what’s in it for us’ and more to life than the here and now.- Much more. What Jesus does say is that life, fulfilling, everlasting life is found:

In loving God and each other and ourselves too;

In serving one another - popping into to see that old neighbour, chatting to the lonely looking lady at the bus stop, putting others first; In believing and living this out in our lives The Good News is that Jesus was born and lived and died and rose from the dead for us - loving us, saving us, guiding us, guarding us. Not just today but for all time. January may feel as if it goes on forever. The Good News of Jesus Christ really does.