Thought for the Week: Rev Ian Elston, Torbain Parish Church

What a difference those few days of sunshine made last week.

Suddenly winter was over (hopefully) and spring was here.

Summer dresses and shorts and t-shirts were able to be worn.

Smiles were on people’s faces, buds were on trees and everywhere there seems to be signs of new life, new hope.

After the long, dark days of winter, new growth is coming through the earth, the days are longer, and summer is on its way.

Of course we do not know if summer will come - maybe last week was it. We do know that the movement from winter to spring, from the season of darkness to the season of new life is a wonderful picture of what happened at Easter.

The world did go dark after Jesus was killed.

The Son of God was whipped and stripped and beaten and nailed to a cross where he died. His followers were devastated, his family and friends distraught. Then on the Sunday the tomb that the body of Jesus had been placed in was found empty. Jesus had risen from the dead.

The most wonderful event in history took place on Easter day.

A day that reminds us that when our lives are sad and dark, hope is there, that when everything seems lost, God’s light can guide us, that even death cannot separate us from the love of God. Easter is about hope; trust in God and faith in today, tomorrow and forever.

Easter day, the day Jesus rose from the dead speaks to all of us of hope in the future and of God’s love for each one of us. Easter speaks of new life, new hope. Churches around the country will be celebrating this joy - come along to one and discover the light and hope and joy of Easter for yourself.