Thought for the Week: Rev. Jim Reid

Rev. Jim Reid

Kinghorn Parish Church

It was a bright early morning, the loch was flat - calm, hardly a ripple on the surface when up from the water, in the distance, popped a quizzical little head, “I think it’s an otter!” I shouted as I ran into the house to grab my binoculars.

A few of us have been going to Knoydart for a hillwalking weekend for the past 15 years but never managed to see for such a length of time and so clearly, an otter swimming and fishing in the icy waters of Loch Nevis.

It was marvellous to watch it and all that was lacking was Sir David Attenborough’s expert commentary on the scene!

On the way home we were treated to a search for a sea eagle, we weren’t so blessed with that expedition though.

Creation teems with life, beauties in the common places we take for granted; John Calvin the Reformer and Theologian called creation: “The Theatre of God’s Glory”.

It’s a stage in which every creature has a part to play and for us all to enjoy the great drama of it all. Let’s nurture, protect and enjoy God’s good creation!

The curtain goes up on a new performance each and every day!