Thought for the Week: Rev. Jim Reid

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A chance conversation over coffee between S5 and S6 assemblies this week reminded me of one of my predecessors in Kinghorn Church, Parson Baldred Bissett, who was parson/priest in Kinghorn Parish Church around the year 1300.

He was one of a delegation from the Guardians of Scotland to the Pope in Rome, whose duty it was to plead Scotland’s nationhood and independence from English intrusion (no word of a referendum though!).

It seems that Baldred’s mission was successful and the Pope was convinced, died soon afterwards and the new Pope wasn’t so favourably minded towards the Scots!

We’re now in the countdown to the 2014 referendum in which we’ll all have a say from 16 year olds upwards, in the future of our land, in or out of the Union, independent or in partnership with other nations in the UK and Europe.

Let’s hear all the arguments and decide!

Going from that discussion in to speak to S6 pupils about people who influence us, made me reflect on the influence for good or ill that we have on others, unlike my illustrious predecessor, Baldred, we don’t have to travel far, to, in Jesus’ words “Let our light shine”.