Thought for the Week: Rev. Jim Reid

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There’s a lovely walk which I try to take every time we visit friends in Aberdeen.

It goes over the Brig of Balgownie, down along the River Don, through Seaton Park, past St Machar Cathedral, King’s College and Old Aberdeen, down to Pittodrie, over the Broad Hill along the beach to Footdee, the old fishing village, past the harbour and finish at the Maritime Museum.

I used to walk it with my dog when I ministered in Aberdeen, now I walk it with my son.

The Don goes from a placid river with scarcely a ripple at places to a surging rapid river in torrent, particularly at what are known as the Cruives, then further along it joins the North Sea at Donmouth and all along its flow it attracts fishermen who each know their favourite spots to cast a line!

Whether being “led by still waters” as David the Psalmist testified or whether in the surging storms as the disciples witnessed the Lord’s power to calm the seas; God’s presence is for real in every circumstance of life, wherever we may be.