Thought for the week: Rev. Marc Prowe

Imagine having a united taskforce capable of calling at every single household in Britain not only once, but at least twice in one week. Every political party would blush with envy.

United by a passion for justice, for equal chances for all, keen to beat poverty, globally. Small groups of volunteers come together, go out, organised in one national event: that is relevant; it makes an enormous difference around the globe. It is called Christian Aid week, as it is carried by Christians of all colours, and it is so united that is benefits anyone in poverty, regardless of faith. Christian Aid is strong, as it is carried by an active hope, taking faith in a God of compassion, love, and being alongside with ALL people and creation: Christ, who cared about the disadvantaged: “The last shall be first” (Mark 10:31). is not about a hand-out, but to give the tools to people to stand up for themselves, for good. People uniting, for a united world free of hunger.

Now stop, reflect and text the word or phrase that’s in your heart to 70788. From May 13, your words will appear on – along with others as we create a mass prayer moment for Christian Aid Week.