Thought for the Week: Rev. Marc Prowe

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Equality is the buzz word.

A letter about same sex marriage is read from the pulpit of one church.

Another church is discussing in meetings and “agrees to disagree”.

I’ve seen many people getting very hot over the issue.

Less hot, it seems, that our economy has made “have-s” wealthier, but “have-nots” poorer recently.

Less hot, apparently, that nuclear weapons threaten to bring mass-destruction indiscriminately.

Less hot, it seems, that poor nations find it deadly tough to adapt to a changing climate, caused by rich nations.

Less hot, apparently, that most likely middle incomes contribute to society through taxes, whilst most likely higher ones dodge taxes overseas, starving society’s budget.

Equality and inequality - think about it.

Jesus Christ reminds us: “Whenever you refused to help the least important ones, you refused to help me” Matthew 25.

The message of Jesus is indiscriminate love.