Thought for the Week: Rev. Rosemary Frew

I am a keen skier and have recently taken up cycling.

These are both sports where it is advisable to wear a helmet for protection - even if it does mean terrible ‘hat hair’ at the end of the day.

We all wear a variety of hats and helmets for protection at different times – sun hats, hard hats, woolly hats, rainmates, sou’westers...

All these different hats don’t stop us falling off our bike, or our skis, they don’t stop the cold weather or the sun or the rain, they wouldn’t stop a falling brick... but they all protect us, they all stop us from hurting ourselves or getting cold or wet or sunburnt. Jesus asked God to protect his disciples, his followers.

God’s protection doesn’t mean that as Christians we lead a charmed life, it doesn’t stop anything bad or sad or difficult ever happening to us, but it does assure us that at all times and in all places God is with us, loving us, caring for us, giving us courage and strength, helping us face the world and all it throws at us.