Thought for the Week: Robert Hughes

Most of us, when we started our first job were tasked with being the ‘Gofor’ or the ‘Junior’ in the office or company.

When I started work I found it unsatisfactory to be the ‘Gofor’ of the office, always at the beck and call of about 20 draftsmen, each claiming priority for my services. Such was the variety of tasks that it was considered that if the ‘Gofor’ was absent due to holidays or illness the office would not run smoothly. The opposite happened when the boss was absent, his not being there would be hardly noticeable, from a productivity point of view. The ‘Gofor’ was the key person who supported the functioning of the office.

He had responsibility among other things for the distribution of drawings, ensuring that the toilets were adequately supplied with towels, soap etc. while the boss did none of the so-called menial tasks. The hours at work were routine and to some extent boring, it was the prospect of promotion that kept me going.

This reminds me of Jesus’ teaching to his disciples when He says that we should begin by being the ‘Gofor’ and because of our actions, graduate to a higher position.

To be a ‘Gofor’ is an essential part of business and also in the service to God. Jesus said “…whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant.”