Thought for the week: Robert Hughes

I had been picked up at the airport by my colleague and driven to his home for an evening meal.

When the front door was opened it revealed a paper sack filled with charcoal for a barbeque.

When I remarked “Are we having a barbecue?” he and his wife both laughed and then related the events that led to the laughter. They had gone to the supermarket where prominently displayed were bags of charcoal. He remarked to his wife that it would be a good night to have a barbeque, so they purchased the charcoal. When they were transferring the shopping to their house he remembered that their barbecue was fuelled by gas. This incident became a source of leg pulling for many years. He had made a mistake which, in this case, had very little consequence.

Making mistakes is a human failing which can be laughed at and dismissed or it can be a thing which leads to acrimony or even to a war. God’s word says that we should be careful what we say. “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”