Thought for the Week: Robert Hughes, Church of Christ

Robert Hughes

Church of Christ

Most, if not all of us, desire to have a good reputation leading to respect from others. High in the priorities which lead to a person being respected is ‘honesty’.

I was standing with a friend in the concourse of a small international airport when I noticed that on the shelf on the outside of a check-in desk was an unattended hand bag. There was no one at the check-in and the nearest person was at least 10 metres away [There was virtually no security checks in those days]. I suggested to my friend should we take the bag to a security office for safe keeping. His response astounded me, he said that the owner of the bag would come back and collect it even if it was hours later. The bag would remain intact and secure where it had been left. I was very pleasantly surprised.

During the ensuing conversation it transpired that personal honesty is very high on the agenda of the people of that country to the point that people regularly go out leaving the house doors unlocked in the knowledge that they would not be burgled.

Another point which we discussed was very much a reversal of the situation in that a person would be presumed to be a crook if they owned a luxury car. Bad for sales of Rolls Royce. Good news for Lada.

“…whatsoever things are honest….whatsoever things are of good report…if there be any virtue…if there be any praise, think of these things.”[Philipians 4,8]