Thought of the Week: Rev. Marc Prowe

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Merry Christmas? 27 shot dead at US school, nine girls killed by landmine in Afghanistan, 23 wounded by knife attack in China, yet more road traffic death in Kirkcaldy – will the grown-up world learn and give space to children?

Merry? Aye, joyful, because Christmas is really about HOPE (beyond the “cute Christmas”).

Hope actively claiming respect and space for children and the vulnerable, as they equally deserve.

“But”, my cynical self says, “there will never be peace – it’s impractical.”

And my hoping self replies: “Just because peace seems distant, you don’t stop to work towards peace; just like there’ll always be hunger, but you don’t stop preparing meals.”

We need to live in active, involved, ongoing hope.

Mary and Joseph carried their baby, against all odds, gave birth, nurtured, fled to Egypt to escape “the slaughter of the innocent” in Bethlehem; later returned for a good upbringing to Nazareth – and still “their baby” (Jesus) died untimely.

Yet - hope lives on, love resurrects, and is active: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.”

Allow this light to shine on you; Christ is alive, and so shall you be: have a JOYFUL Christmas!