Time up for ‘internet sensations’

Allan Crow
Allan Crow

My teeth grind every time I read about an ‘internet sensation’ and stories ‘going viral.’

The phrases are about as outdated as Bebo and it’s time the media knocked them on the head.

An internet sensation is anyone who posts a daft/amusing/weird video online which the world looks at for a nano second before going ‘Oh look – a cat break dancing!’

It may well go viral, but so does the flu, and both tend to vanish very quickly.

You could place every single ’internet sensation’ into Hampden Park and I defy you to pick out more than three you vaguely recognise. The break dancing cat would stand out for obvious reasons...

Social media eats up this sort of stuff every second of every day. Which is just as well, because online most folk have the attention span of a goldfish.

But we’ve grown used to calling anthing remotely interesting ‘a sensation’ while four folk arguing on Twitter is now a ‘Twitterstorm’ – well, it is until one goes off for their tea and forgets to pick up the thread.

Sure, there are analytics to digest, but frankly I’d rather watch a video of a horse singing ‘My Way’ while juggling six chainsaws. What, you haven’t seen the video ...?

On the road: Just about recovered from a mammoth day trip. Kirkcaldy to Birmingham, then Northampton and back again.

We were on planes, trains, a monorail, an airport bus and in a car – and were sorely tempted to nick the ‘Boris Bikes’ chained up at the station simply to complete the transport set.

Seventeen hours door to door, and with the prospect of doing it all again ... only this time to Kettering. Wherever that is ...