Toast Of London

Toast of London
Toast of London

Recommended by Paul McCabe

“Yes, I can hear you, Clem Fandango”.

As comedy catchphrases go, it’s one of the more unusual, but then Toast of London is most definitely not your usual sitcom.

Shown on Channel 4 last year it was co-written by and stars Matt Berry as struggling luvvie thespian, Steven Toast, who does voice over work to make ends meet and is starring in a play that’s so terrible/offensive it sees him verbally and physically attacked in the street.

Expect the unexpected when watching this brilliantly funny and insanely imaginative show; Toast may suddenly burst into song, is stalked by a demented beak-keeper and other characters have names such as Kikini Bamalam, Dinky Frinkbuster and Hamilton Meathouse.

A talented musician in his own right Berry also writes the music, memorably so in the final Bond-spoofing episode.

A deserved second series is forthcoming, until then I’ll be giving this DVD many repeat viewings.