Tom Jones - The Life by Sean Smith

Tom Jones - The Life
Tom Jones - The Life

Recommended by Debbie Clarke

Ever since I started watching the latest series of ‘The Voice’ I have been interested in learning more about ‘the silver bear’ i.e. Sir Tom Jones. So I started reading this latest book about him.

From bestselling biographer Sean Smith comes the insightful true story behind Sir Tom Jones, the Welsh music legend.

I found this biography to be really entertaining. I can’t believe that Sir Tom is 74 and still going strong.

He is originally from a little Welsh mining town and it was there he married his sweetheart at just 16.

Who could have predicted that he would go on to become a major music star and have numerous hits that spanned several decades!

Through intimate interviews, Smith learns all about Sir Tom including details about the years Tom spent performing as a lounge singer in Las Vegas, before making a comeback in the late 1980s and becoming a star once again.

This book is very revealing as we find out everything there is to know about Sir Tom and anyone who is a fan will enjoy it.