Unaccustomed as I am...

Allan Crow
Allan Crow
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By Allan Crow

There is surely no phrase guaranteed to chill the soul than ‘‘would you mind saying a few words...’’

The last time someone said it, what they actually wanted was ‘‘an hour tops’’ of humour, so I was slightly apprehensive to discover last week I was down to ‘‘say a few words’’ on stage at the Adam Smith Theatre.

A walk on part in front of a full hoose to a stage hosting Gordon Brown and Professor Michael Sandel who was giving the Adam Smith Lecture is just a tad outwith my comfort zone, but this job tends to throw the odd curve ball my way ...

I don’t actually do speeches - I’ll happily blether about newspapers and important stuff, but I tend to wing it. Doing that in front of lots of awfi’ important folk didn’t seem like a good approach as I unveiled the new logo of Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions.

I was also very aware of the cameras filming everything - trust me when I say, I made sure there was no chance of stumbling from my seat to the lectern and back again.

Job done, I did wonder what all the fuss was about ... wonder if I should get myself an agent?

Holiday time: I see we are into the ‘Holiday Monday’ season again when offices shut down for long weekends because ... well, just because.

Working in newspapers I could count on one hand the number of holiday Mondays I’ve had in the last 30 years and still give a cheery salute to those who get ‘em all!

So here’s a thought. Let’s split them up, shift a few into deepest darkest winter. Then we’ll see how many Cooncil staff are keen to have that uber-long weekend.

Take two: If there is on e thing worse than a ‘Holiday Monday’ it’s surely coming back from a week’s break ON a holiday Monday.

I really ought to have timed that better ...

Liking the look of the Party At The Palace gig in Linlithgow this August - some fab Scottish bands have signed up. I’m rather tempted ...