Up the creek, with a paddle ...

Fiona Dobie
Fiona Dobie

By Fiona Dobie

Choosing to take a holiday in April in Scotland is always pretty risky what with April Showers and all that.

However I got lucky last week and was able to get outside and enjoy the fresh countryside air choosing probably the best week so far this year in terms of weather.

When the in-laws had booked the Perthshire cottage for father in law’s big birthday the chance to walk about wearing shorts and t-shirt had not crossed my mind.

But thankfully that’s exactly what we were able to do.

Now after a week of walking many miles each day - up numerous hills - I find myself back at work to give my legs a rest.

Only trouble is the three flights of office stairs that need conquered.

Bobbing along: A highlight of my week in Perthshire came as I sat in a kayak in the middle of Loch Tay.

The scenery around the loch was stunning, but it wasn’t until I was on the water I felt I could appreciate its true beauty.

There’s something about bobbing about in a wee floating vessel that really makes you realise the real height of the snow capped mountains around.

It was a brilliant peace and calmness, a world away from everyday life. Wonderful.

Golf anyone?: Those who know me will know I’m not a big fan of golf, however during my week off I found a type of golf (other than the Himalayas in St Andrews) that I actually enjoyed – frisbee golf!

Eighteen ‘holes’, okay so they are more like baskets, in a round.

But there are still fairways, rough and out of bounds.

It was a great way to spend a couple of hours as a family and it was a relief to discover it wasn’t all about how hard you could throw the frisbee.