War Horse

War Horse
War Horse

Recommended by Fiona Dobie

There’s something about this film, based on Michael Morpurgo’s book, that immediately makes the viewer relate to Joey.

Right from the start you’re rooting for the horse.

He’s a young colt that’s brought into a family in Devon untrained.

Ted buys Joey from an auction and when he returns home, his wife is distraught.

The family are behind on their rent and need a working horse to plough a field to grow veg and pay their rent.

On first impressions, Joey is not that working horse.

However, Ted’s son Albert builds up a rapport with Joey and soon has him under control and extremely well trained.

But then it’s announced that the country is at war and Ted sells Joey to an army officer.

Sad to see his horse go, Albert vows to find Joey again one day.

And so we follow the horse’s adventures as he’s taken to war in Europe.

Despite being a long film, it doesn’t feel like two and a half hours of viewing.

It’s captivating and emotional and there’s some incredible talent on show, particularly in the animal cast.