We’re all just big kids really ...

Gordon Holmes
Gordon Holmes

By Gordon Holmes

It was Holmes Jnr’s fourth birthday last week and as well as another pile of presents (space in the house is beginning to reach critical mass), we decided to treat him and wee sis to a trip to McDs (a very rare visit) and then on to the new soft play facility in Kirkcaldy.

First time I have been there and I was impressed, it’s big and spacious with plenty of seating and lots of different things to do for kids of all ages.

And I mean ALL ages. The times I have been to these places, I always have a wee nostalgic regret that we didn’t have similar back when I was a child. But on this occasion, I’m sure at some points there were more ‘grown-ups’ climbing, sliding and crawling than kids - and not all of them had children in tow!

There must be a great business opportunity there, a soft play centre for adults - bet it would go down a storm!

Pedal power: Still on the subject of Holmes Jnr’s birthday, his main present from mum and dad was his first bike so the next morning, we hit the park to give him a shot. He just couldn’t get the concept of pedalling to begin with and as mum’s frustration grew, I reminded her that I didn’t learn to ride a bike properly until I was about 12 and only then after having a retired policeman relative of my mother’s screaming blue murder at me until I did it just to spite him. Which cut no ice with S, who remarked, “that’s cos you’ve always been unbalanced...”, which is actually fair, I even have trouble walking in a straight line. Glad to say, Jnr eventually began to get the hang of it and with more practice should be able to beat his dad’s sorry record.

Big game: I see the egg chasing championship started again at the weekend. I’m not one of those who jumps on the rugby bandwagon at this time of year, it just has no appeal or attraction for me. The big game for me in Edinburgh this Saturday is at Easter Road where us Raith fans go more in hope than belief - not that we can beat Hibs, just that we might score our first goal in 2014!

This week... Cleaned out some old paperwork dating back to 2007 ... realised I have no idea how Transformers work ..,.