What to do with Fife’s boat shed with no boats

Boat shed at Kirkcaldy harbour - abandoned for many years. Picture dates from 2002
Boat shed at Kirkcaldy harbour - abandoned for many years. Picture dates from 2002

There’s a hole in the sea wall, dear Forth Ports, dear Forth Ports ...

The town’s harbour is now home to many folk, and it’s a popular place to walk around, so the cracks that have appeared at the corner down at Williamson Quay need to be repaired as a priority.

But, while we are sorting out that issue, isn’t it time we finally did something about the old boat shed at the harbour?

It may still sport a ‘boats for sale’ sign, but the building is empty.

For as long as I have stayed in Kirkcaldy, it’s sat unloved and un-used, and locked behind bars longer than most criminals in jail.

It is 16 years since it was gutted by fire – what exactly has been done to either bring it back into use or demolish it?

My guess – nothing.

The building has Category B listed status – granted in 1998 – which makes any such moves complex and incredibly time consuming, but that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to do nothing.

We should never rush into eradicating our past, but after 16 years, the time has surely come for some pro-active efforts to look at what other, better, uses could be made of a piece of land that ought to be an integral part of our re-developed waterfront.

It could be a stunning waterfront cafe or restaurant – look at how St Monans has done just that with huge success – there is scope for some car parking, and, properly managed, it could sit side by aside with local residents.

Or it could be flattened and the area developed and opened up for public use – the waterfront is the jewel in our crown, but here we are with a bit of it fenced off and sticking out like a sore thumb.

It’s time to be a bit more pro-active – get the thinking capos on, get people involved, and push for some action to either make good or get rid of the building.

Doing nothing is just a lazy way of leaving it for someone else to worry about.

As Forth Ports fixes the wall, our councillors and officer should get on site and sort out the boat shed with no boats for sale.