What we did on our holidays ...

Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

By Paul McCabe

I was off on my holidays last week, though it was touch and go whether we would make it. As a special Easter treat both the little ‘uns became ill. Thankfully they were OK to travel so off we went, with luggage creaking under the weight of medicines, to stay with friends in plush Royal Windsor.

It’s a place I’d never really given a second thought to but it’s really rather beautiful, especially in the sun which luckily stayed with us for the duration of our stay.

Of course with children in tow there’s no way we were getting off with going to Windsor without a trip to Legoland which actually proved to be a great day out. No, really. The English school holidays were over so it was fairly quiet and the longest we queued for a ride was 10 minutes.

The next two days (yes, I’m basically just rattling through my entire trip. Deal with it) were spent in London. Day one, and the main reason for going, was dedicated to me and full on Elvis nerd heaven at the current O2 exhibition. It was rather amazing and not even a poster showing that Olly Murs was playing a sell out four nights there - confirmation that we’re approaching the end of days - could spoil it.

The afternoon was spent at the Greenwich Observatory, and interesting though it was principally we went so Mrs M could do her Philomena Cunk “What is clocks?” impersonation.

Our last day we gave over to the kids, so that meant Hamleys basically. My plan was to slink off to Berwick Street for Record Store Day but 90 minutes in Earth’s busiest toy store finished me off. I later read that there was a street party going on with loads of bands playing, hosted by my favourite DJ, Shaun Keaveney. Bah. Still, can’t grumble. Who’d listen anyway?