Whistle down the wind

By Allan Crow

I’d forgotten about the joys of sitting in the press box at Stark’s Park. Two days on and I’m shivering like an Eskimo who forgot his coat when he went out for a smoke.

My bones ache, my neck has seized, my throat has been sandpapered, and I have the urge to simply lie down and sleep for a long time.

I must admit it was a lovely wee walk along to the ground only to sit in what was little more than wind tunnel in the corner of the old stand. I swear I went to the ice rink that night just to get a heat ...

Great sports: We could have a cracking clash of sport in a few weeks time.

Raith Rovers take on Rangers in the Ramsdens Cup final on Sunday, April 6, which is the same weekend as the British ice hockey play-off finals.

Fife Flyers are currently charging towards the post-season quarter-finals, and could be a good outside bet to make it to Nottingham.

Spare a thought for our sports desk, which has to be in two places at once, and could have two supplements to create almost overnight!

Costly cuppa: I’m starting to wonder why we are so obsessed with coffee shops.

I like a latte as much as the next man, but I recently paid £2.70 for what the Kirkcaldy shop deemed to be a ‘‘medium’’ drink - it was about the size of the mugs I have at home. Presumably ‘small’ comes in a thimble ...

I’m beginning to mull over opening my own coffee shop in which we will do away with those all-singing espresso machines which take a ludicrous age to make a single cup , and replaced with a row of kettles - and your coffee (black or white) will be served in the time it takes to boil the water.

Skinny whites? Nope.

Flat whites? Dunno what they are and don’t care.

Chocolate sprinkled on top? Away and behave yourself - go buy a flake if you want anything quite so fancy!

This week ... made pasta, dropped half of the rest of pack going to fridge, then drained pasta without using a sieve. Tea in sink. Went out for takeaway ...