With Allan Crow

Allan Crow
Allan Crow

I had my first experience of football in the English Premier League at the weekend - and loved every second of the day in North London.

Sitting high up in the gods at the Clock End of the magnificent Emirates Stadium, we enjoyed watching Arsenal destroy Norwich City 4-1.

The view was perfect, the facilities first class and the help of the stewards impeccable - someone needs to explain to all of Scotland’s stadium ‘bouncers’ the art of public service - but what really stood out was the fact no-one swore.

The usual fetid, rancid atmosphere we thole every Saturday simply wasn’t part of the mindset of the fans - and we were sitting above the away support and a block or two from one of the two Arsenal choirs behind the net.

We talk up here about ‘‘family friendly’’ football, but do nothing to police or enforce it.

We could learn so much from one of the biggest teams in the UK.

Sadly, Scottish football thinks it knows better. It doesn’t.

VIP invite: Part of the reason for the Emirates trip was to meet Liam Brady, one of the guests at next month’s Hall of Fame show we are staging.

We also bumped into Bob Wilson as he was mobbed by fans - he too has been a huge help for our show and it was a pleasure to spend just a few minutes in his company.

Exactly how Bob has helped won’t be revealed until the night though!

On the move: I think we managed to use every single mode of transport during our weekend.

Planes, cars, open top bus, river boat, tube, DLR and even a cable car as we took in the sights.

The cable car next door to our hotel took us across the Docklands to the O2 for less than a fiver and the views were spectacular.


Celebs spotted during our sojourn ... Ed Balls, Jack McConnell, Arsenal stars galore ... and Delia Smith! Should have taken my autograph book!