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Maggie Millar
Maggie Millar
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Hallowe’en had my son Forbes truly excited last weekend when he took part in Falkland Palace’s ‘Garden Ghosthunt Challenge.’

This being a National Trust gig the organisers bypassed cheap cardboard cutout ghosts and littered the garden with real spooks (i.e. scary teenagers from local drama groups). All the young kids were genuinely petrified to interact with them. All of them that is except Forbes who, having watched Ghostbusters the day before, decided he was a real-life paranormal exterminator. Have you ever seen a frenzied four year-old wrestle a zombie to the ground in public? I’d recommend it - it’s quite entertaining - but that was nothing compared to the results of the pumpkin competition. My wee one was quite pumped up by this stage (his pumpkin being the largest and most impressive on the table, naturally) so when the judge announced “And first prize goes to..someone else” his reaction was volcanic. “I WANT MY PUMPKIN BACK!!” Cue Forbes, who wrestled his way through a crowd of middle-class super parents, grabbed his pumpkin - which was heavier than him - and staggered away in disgust. That’s my boy.

Phone hacking: The trial of ex-NOTW execs Brooks and Coulson has finally begun and looks set to dominate headlines for months to come. As a journalist, I’ve found the coverage of it all quite fascinating but I’m not sure that’s shared by many people who, post-Leveson, are too bored by the subject to summon up any moral outrage anymore. It’s all very sad really. The British press is admired for being one of the most outspoken and fearless voices in the world and that valued freedom has been jeopardised by the reckless actions of the relative few. When Private Eye says it can’t operate under the new Royal Charter, you know we’ve just entered a dark age.

This week: Going to go crazy with my new leafblower/sucker-upper thingy in the garden. Woe betide anything organic that gets in my way...