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Paul McCabe
Paul McCabe

I’m writing this mere hours before heading off to Glasgow to see Gary Numan in concert.

Those of us of a certain age will never forget the sight of this strange alien-like bloke with the funny voice when he first appeared on Top Of The Pops in 1979. He was genuinely unusual, quite unlike anyone else, and the song ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ was brilliant and shot to number one. Looking back it was quite incredible what he did - merging punk with synths and ending up one of the biggest stars in the country, all while on a tiny indie label. The gig is a sell out and comes on the back of his first top 20 album for 30 years - the very splendid ‘Splinter’. Mind you, not everyone is a fan: “Ha! Ha! Ha!” said my then four-year-old when hearing him for the first time, “That man sings like a robot!”

Movember: As you may have seen in last week’s Press, myself and two other of our reporters have teamed up to join in the Movember campaign under the guise of ‘The Handlebar Hacks’. Despite the name only Neil Henderson has plumped for the full handlebar, as I have in the previous two years. This time I’ve gone for the classic 1980s scouser ‘tache, whilst Paul Cardwell’s choice remains a bit of a mystery as, nearly two weeks in, there is only the slightest hint of a fair mo emerging - not that it’s a race or anything of course. His defence that myself and Neil have “larger top lips” than he is a weak one as far as I’m concerned. Feel free to donate to us and maybe he’ll actually have something to shave off come the end of the month. http://moteam.co/handlebar-hacks.

Cup farce: The Hearts-Inverness League Cup semi-final is to take place at Easter Road on Sunday Feb 2 at 12.15. No probs for a Jambo like me but is that really the most sensible time or place for the Inverness fans? The SPFL at its very best.

This week...had a few days off which I spent doing more or less nothing, it was wonderful...Went to see the band Deap Valley and met an old work colleague...