Words of love are in the Book

Rev Gillian Paterson
Rev Gillian Paterson

What is your favourite love song?

‘My love is like a red red rose’? ‘I will always love you’? Or ‘Endless love’?

Or maybe you have a special song that means a lot to you and you play it on anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day, because it reminds you of a special moment with someone you love very much?

This is a time of the year when cards are being sent, flowers are delivered and even proposals are made.

The theme of love is all around us and it is hard to avoid.

The love songs I like have never made the Top 40 or a Billboard chart.

They are ancient texts that still speak volumes today about life and love, and how much God loves us.

The book of Psalms in the Old Testament is full of inspiring lyrics which flow through our minds about the joy, care and concern of our Heavenly Father.

I find them deeply moving to sing and listen to, because they remind me of an unending and unconditional love that has spread across the centuries and is still unchanging today – and that is the love God has for each of us.

These love songs can be sung all the year round. You don’t need to wait for the postman to knock on your door or the florist’s van to appear!

Just take a read through this book and you will hear joy, purpose, commitment, dedication and an amazing love.

Some years ago, I was privileged to go to a concert by Ian White, a Christian songwriter, who had set some of the Psalms to music. It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Ian had composed beautiful music for these wonderful words and, as he sang, the words seemed even more powerful.

His CDs are still some of my favourites and I have them in my car.

If you ever see me singing along when I am out and about, it is likely to be one of his Psalms that I am singing to!

Each Psalm is a reminder of how much we are loved, for, despite our faults and failings, God cares about us all.

Whether that is what we are going through, or what is testing or challenging us.

He is walking with us through the journey of life and never leaves our side.

If you are having a challenging time just now, and feel unloved and in despair, then know that a love song is there for you to hear that will tell you God loves you.

Whether you receive a card (or cards!), flowers or gifts this Saturday, or not, know there is a love letter waiting for you in the Book of Psalms.

I hope you find it inspiring!