X-Factor continues to frustrate

Debbie Clarke
Debbie Clarke
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By Debbie Clarke

I have been enjoying the ‘X Factor’... surprisingly. Every year I tell myself I won’t watch it but somehow I always end up tuning in. There have been a few good singers on it this year too - along with a few bad ones - but it never fails to entertain.
However, following last weekend’s shows I was tempted to permanently avoid it. Okay, I get that difficult decisions have to be made and there are only a certain number of places available to go through to the next stage. But for goodness sake, once you make a choice can you please stick to it? Louis Walsh was a nightmare - chopping and changing his mind about which groups should go through to Judges’ Houses. I have to say I didn’t envy him the task as there were a few good groups. But to choose one, then send them off, only to bring them back again, and then again, is just a bit much. The show was descending into chaos! Eventually he made up his mind but it was becoming so farcical it was a joke! Time will tell if I keep watching until the end of the series ... 

Good television: However, on another note I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the recent second series of Ray Donovan. It is fantastic. The storyline is really good and always keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next. Liev Shrieber is brilliant in the lead role and you can’t help but enjoy the antics of his unlikeable rogue of a dad, Mickey, played by Jon Voight. He always seems to land on his feet no matter how much trouble he gets himself into! Another series which I also recently enjoyed was ‘Cilla’. I have to say I knew very little about the early career of Cilla Black before this so it was really insightful. I didn’t even know her original surname was White! I thought Sheridan Smith was excellent in the lead role and very believable as the Liverpudlian entertainer - I had no idea Smith could sing so well.

This week: Looking forward to the new launches of Body Attack, Body Combat and Bodypump at my gym and starting to think about what to buy relatives for Christmas.