Opposition leader hits out at council press leaks

Cllr Peter Grant
Cllr Peter Grant
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THE SNP opposition leader on Fife Council, Councillor Peter Grant, has accused the ruling administration of “riding roughshod” over its committee system.

Cllr Grant says that several decision were announced to the press before councillors knew anything about them.

The SNP group leader said: “Labour and their Tory allies created this committee system.

“They did a sordid deal to pack the committees with Labour and Tory councillors and try to stop the SNP, which is the official opposition in the council, from being allowed to do our job effectively.

“Now the coalition seems to have decided that even these politically biased committees are just a nuisance.

“We’re seeing decision after decision appearing in the local press before they’ve been anywhere near a committee.”

Councillor Grant cited as an example the recent announcement of an investigation into the council’s procurement and tendering procedures and a subsequent review into it.

He added: “The SNP is looking into a number of examples where decisions just appeared in the press.”