‘Otters’ spotted in Town Park waterway

OTTERS could have returned to a local waterway, reports MIKE DELANEY.

A Glenrothes man reported a sighting of one of the elusive animals to the ‘Gazette’ last week.

Gary Penman said: “Otters are back in the River Leven in Glenrothes.

“I spotted an otter in the just down from the new Biomass plant (at Tullis Russell paper mill).

“I wasn’t sure if any one knows about them in the area and don’t know who to contact.”

We passed Gary’s sighting on to our Nature Man Tom Gray.

He said: “Reports of Otters come in from time to time from all over Fife.

“There was a holt reported to me on the River Leven bank near the new plant site some years ago, and indeed a mounted otter in Kikcaldy Museum was one that I handed in, being a road casualty on the A92 where the Leven flows under the road bridge.

“There are other reports of otters, including other road casualties, both on the River Leven and the Eden.

“However the mink, although much smaller, is now common in Fife, and is ofter misidentified and reported as an ‘otter’.

Tom has, in turn, reported the sighting to the Fife Nature Recorder.