Our centre has a bright future

3411047 SSFF linton lane 'Mandy Henderson outside the Linton Lane Centre, Kirkcaldy
3411047 SSFF linton lane 'Mandy Henderson outside the Linton Lane Centre, Kirkcaldy

linton Lane Centre, formerly the Boys’ Club, has been an important part of the community of Templehall since it opened its doors in 1926.

And now, despite some troubled times over the past year, the voluntary-run premises is looking forward to a bright future after securing funding for a centre development manager to take it until March next year – at least.

“We are a far cry away from where we were last winter when we were told that Fife Council was appointing cluster supervisors to oversee the running of its halls.

“This meant that one supervisor would be in charge of a number of halls, instead of each having its own,” explained Sarah Jane Brown, chairman of the Linton Lane Development Group.

“The Council would provide half the funding for the post if we could find the other half, but money was extremely tight and we did not have a lot of time to find other funding.


“We were seriously facing the prospect of having to close, which would have been a real blow to the groups using Linton Lane Centre.

“All our committee members are volunteers and have full-time jobs, so there would not have been anyone available to come and open up the centre and run it on a daily basis.”

However, the committee decided it would not give up, and set about contacting every trust and funding body it could think of for help.

It struck lucky when the Coalfields Regeneration Trust offered to fund a development manager post until March next year. The committee is also in discussion with the Robertson Trust about additional funding.

Mandy Henderson, who has been the centre supervisor at Linton Lane for over 10 years, was successful in securing the development manager’s post, which she takes on from tomorrow (Friday).


“There is a bit more to this post than before and I am looking forward to developing Linton Lane over the coming months and building up its use in the town,” she said.

“Not many people realise we are not a Council-run centre – we are a voluntary organisation and have to make our own money to survive.”

Linton Lane Centre is already building up its clientele, with a thriving playgroup, dance school, pensioners’ group, youth club, exercise classes and health groups using the premises regularly.

It is also open at weekends and evenings for renting for social functions, and is the base for the Polska Szkola, Polish school.

Fundraising car boot sales are also held on the last Sunday of every month.